October 9, 2011

i'm a bad friend


ooooh hi! remember me? it's okay if you don't. it's not like i've been posting much...um, or ever.

you know, one of the things about having a blog is the tension of feeling like you need to write in it, while trying to weigh the importance of what you're going to say. or debating if there's anything worth saying.

it's kind of like when you have a friend who lives far away. at first, you regularly call and catch up, and you can chat about everything! you talk about how beautiful today was, or the project going on at work, or the ridiculous thing you overheard in the grocery store. you touch base on the real things too - faith, relationships, emotional well-being. but those things come out of the regular conversation. 

but then, you go a few weeks without talking, and then a few months. and suddenly, that phone call feels like too much. how can you possibly catch your friend up on every single thing that's happened in the last six months? you've been to the grocery store dozens of times and heard multiple ridiculous things! you've gone through cycles of "everything's awesome, everything's awful!" you've heard sermons you loved and sermons you've hated! how can you possibly recap all of those things in a phone conversation! that would be impossible!

so you just don't call at all; there's too much to catch up on to get started now. 

and that's how i've been with this blog. there's too much to catch up on! so i just haven't written a thing. 

so! let's change that!

1) i am officially employed as the summer camp director at ligonier camp. full time employment! a salary! benefits! a house and purpose! a job i love working for a ministry that has changed my life! there's a lot to this that i'm still unpacking and figuring out, but the end result is that i'm blessed.

2) my house is awesome. i mean, it's just material stuff, but um, i love it. my furniture from mcconnellsburg made the move, and i have a great tv on which i'm watching the steelers pound the titans. hines ward just jumped right over a man into the end zone. so there's that!

3) sometimes i'm really lonely, but mostly things are great in the social realm. i have great community; i just need to adjust to the off-season flow of it. 

4) i've been doing a lot of thinking and research into updating website stuff and publishing stuff for camp, which has lead me into the world of looking at macs. so many monies! but i'm ready to have the right tools to do my job. that's part of my personality, i've discovered, and it's one i inherited from my dad. the big question: am i ready to move to macs after growing up PC all the way?

5) some benefits to living in ligonier in the fall include a bounty of wild apples, pawpaws, and the arrival of hunting season. we're livin' off the land! i've made apple crisp, apple chips, and i'm investigating pawpaw recipes. and michele's responsible for "catching" me a deer. 

i mean, i think that'll do for now. my hope is to be more disciplined in writing in here, so you don't just get bulk updates. i'd like to think i have more worthwhile things to say.